Saturday, 21 November 2015

Welcome to Cool Things in Minecraft! Today I will show you how to make a cool lava and water spiral.

to make a 10 block tall spiral you will need: 1 bucket of lava, 1 bucket of water, and 150 glass blocks.

start off by making a 4 by 4 glass square on the ground, with no corners,  and place a single block in the centre.

Then place 2 glass block opposite each other inside the square.

I will represent the water and lava glass blocks with blue and red respectively like so.

You will then want to add another layer, but with the red and blue blocks (representing glass) moved around one block.

It should look like this. remember, the red and blue should be glass blocks, they are coloured here to show you where they are.

Rinse and repeat until you have something that looks like this.

Remember the red and blue should be glass, not wool.

then at the top, empty your lava and water buckets and it will look like this.

And there you have it, a simple 3 by 3 spiral. Thanks for using Cool things in minecraft!

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Look at what I made in minecraft!:

I made it using this file:

If you follow it pixel for pixel, you will get what i made (hopefully). 

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Hi an welcome back to Cool Things in Minecraft! I will tell you how to make a trapdoor drawbridge!

1. you will need: 14 blocks (these cannot be glass), 12 trapdoors, 15 redstone and 1 switch.

2. make a pit in the ground, which is 2 by 6 blocks long. The pit can be any depth, but I would keep it at around 4 blocks deep like shown:

3. Add a 1 block edge on each long side of the gap, and cover the top with trapdoors like shown:

4. add redstone to the edge, and place a lever where they connect at the front of the drawbridge:

5. and, finally, place whatever you want inside the pit! easy!

Thank you for using cool things in minecraft. please comment when you want a tutorial made!

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Hi, and here is (again) cool things in minecraft! 

Something really, really weird happend in minecraft today, have a look:

 Weird or what?

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Friday, 28 September 2012

cool things in minecraft water generator

Hello, and welcome back to Cool things in Minecraft! today, I will tell you how to make a Water generator!

1. you will need: 38 blocks (these cannot be glass), 29 water buckets (or lava buckets), 1 sign.

2. make a square on the ground with the corners missing. add a 3 block strip in the middle like shown:

3. make a 3 block high wall including the blocks on the ground. leave a 1 block gap where one of the ends of the strip in the middle is. place the sign on the wall there:

4. now fill every space with water. every plane inside the object must have still water on it:

Note: you may encounter a problem like this:
 it is simple to fix. all you do is place a block underneath it, and then destroy the block.

it is finished! go to the gap where the sign is, and take the water with the empty bucket!

video link:

thanks for using!

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hello, and welcome back to Cool Things in Minecraft!

We are going to make a Fast Boat Elevator!

1. You will need to find a clear space

2. Get your tools together: For an elevator that goes 5 blocks high, you will need: 6 cobblestone blocks, 7 glass blocks, 1 ladders, 1 rails and 1 mine cart.

3. To start, make a pillar 5 blocks high. On the forth block, place 1 ladder like shown:

4. Place another block on the top of your pillar, and make a 3 by 3 glass ring around the block above the ladder, so that the ladder is the center of the ring like so:

5. Place a block in the center of the ring, and place 1 rail on it like so:

6. place a minecart on the rail and then break the block underneath the rail.

7. For the next layer (which I forgot to build) make the same mechanism but 4 blocks higher than the first layer instead of 5.

8. To have it work, stand under the minecart, and hold down the right mouse key. You will be up to the top in no time at all!! You should make a water source next to your elevator so you can jump down, or you will be stuck at the top!

9. Here is a movie link to show you how to make it:

Have fun going up and down!

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Hello, and welcome to Cool Things in Minecraft!

I think we will start with how to make a cannon.

1. You will need to find a clear space like this one:

2.  Get your tools together. For a short range cannon, you will need: 1 bucket of water, 22 cobblestone blocks, 1 cobblestone slab, 7 redstone, 2 levers,  4 redstone repeters (optional), and, depending on the length  TNT. The cobblestone can be anything which is also has a slab form, like sandstone, or bricks.

3: Make a U shape that has a 1 block gap in the middle, which, depending on how far you want it to go, you can make 3 blocks to 8 blocks long, and place a slab in the end of it like so:

4. Make another layer to the shape, but don't put the blocks over the slab or the two blocks next to it. Also, add a block to the back of the shape as well. this is where the lever goes if you want one. A good substitute is 4 redstone repeters instead of a lever.

5. Place the bucket of water at the end of the shape, so the water flows in the direction of the slab. Now for the redstone! Place the redstone on the top layer, except for the bit at the end, where you will put the lever to start the cannon. Place a second lever on the bottom right next to the slab. Copy the picture for more help.

6. Load with TNT over the water and the slab. Once you click the switch at the back, wait 2 seconds, then click the other lever.

5 (optional). Instead of using a second lever to activate the TNT above the slab, you can use redstone repeaters. you will have to make a 4 brick extension to the side with the lever and the ledge above it, and place redstone on the higher one and one down on the far right, and then add the repeaters on full tick. this will make a two second delay. Here is a picture to help understand what I am saying.

I hoped this helped you with building a cannon. If you need any more help, look at this video

Have fun blowing stuff up!

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